Discussants are: Ximena Alarcón-Díaz, Felicity (Flick) Allen, Carla Cruz, The Collective Eye, Fabiola Fiocco, Karolina Majewska Gude, Lily Hall,, Kirsten Lloyd, Chris McCormack, Gerrie van Noord, Helena Reckitt, Irene Revell, Marina Rosenfeld, Katja Praznik, Abhijan Toto, Jelena Vesić. 

Between August and December 2022 ‘And Others’ will holding a series of focused conversations with international participants who have been or are working collectively, or those who have a special interest in collective practice. Four groups of invited writers, scholars, artists, cultural workers and activists have been invited to respond to four central themes over the course of the summer and early autumn, before regrouping in November for a series of public events. Through both stages of conversation we will reflect on our research and experiences of collective practice, whether through working in formally declared collectives or groups, or collaborating in spontaneous ways.

These early group conversations—shaped by many different voices and forms of response, whether as fuller writing or as notes in development, critical or poetic—will be shared between participants online between August and October this year. As private exercises in collaborative writing and thinking, they will form the groundwork for five public panel events to be hosted online in November, in which participants will regroup to expand their conversations in a public forum, before opening to questions from the audience.